Why Remote Supports?

  • Saves Waiver Funds: Conserves waiver dollars for use in other areas the Individual needs.


  • Increased Independence: The use of Remote Supports is a great way to gradually increase an individual’s independence.  Increasing one’s independence can have incredible benefits for an Individual including confidence building and self-reliance.


  • Immediate: All notifications are immediate and once an event is triggered, our team responds. With our video intercom technology, our Response Specialists can immediately reach out to the Individual to provide support, assistance and assurances as needed.


  • Security: Our RSS team is ALWAYS available whenever needed.  We provide back-up staff that can be dispatched to assist an Individual whenever necessary and our response staff have been specifically trained to respond to all types of behaviors and emergencies.


  • Privacy / Alone or Personal Time: A Remote Support System allows the Individual to take a break from having staff constantly in their home.  This has been proven to have extremely positive effects as the Individual can have some time to themselves and “take a break” from the constant presence of staff.


  • Least Intrusive: RSS is by far the least intrusive way to ensure that an individual is safe and secure in their home.


  • Education and Personal Growth: Educational and Personal Growth through independent living.  Individuals gain greater independence, improve communication skills, develop self-advocacy skills and make independent choices.