Why Choose THS for Your Remote Support Services

  • Local Presence - We are a LOCAL provider of Remote Support Services.  Unlike many of the Providers out there, our offices and Response teams are locally operated.


  • Emergency Direct-Connect Intercom System - Our video conferencing device is the easiest way for a Client to have a face to face conversation with the Response Specialists or their family.  This is a truly unique device that has many  advantages.


  • ZERO cost to the Individual – There is no cost to the Individual for this system.  The RS system and services are all paid for by the Individuals Medicaid Waiver.


  • System Maintenance Included – We make sure the system is operational and functioning properly at all times.  There is no additional cost for any system maintenance.


  • All Installation Included – All equipment is installed and maintained by us.  There is nothing that the Individual or their team must do to install the system.


  • Internet Services Included – We make sure that there is connectivity at the home for the system to function properly.


  • Flexible and Scalable – This system is completely scalable and flexible to fit the needs of the Individual.  You can modify your system at any time and make changes to how you receive services.


  • Customized Services - Individually tailored plans to address each participant’s unique needs and wishes.

  • Professionally Trained Support Professionals - Well-trained support professionals will provide a variety of functions to help maximize the Client's independence and success.

Our Commitment

  • No annual contracts, cancel at any time.

  • We know life happens and that needs can often change. If you decide that THS is no longer the best fit for you or your loved ones, you are free to cancel at any time without any hidden cancellation fees.

  • Quick and easy Installation.

  • We have worked hard to make installing THS as quick and painless as possible. Total installation time should take less than an hour to complete. Should you need assistance, we are always happy to help.

  • Privacy Protection:  We respect your privacy and work hard to protect it. We utilize sensors to give us a read on the safety and wellness of an Individual without the use of cameras. You decide who has access to your data. The THS Response Center has no access to your data — they respond to the custom alerts received when a problem has been detected. Your THS data is managed in a state-of-art data center that is HIPAA compliant and incorporates leading industry compliance standards and security policies.

  • You’ll have a team of professional operators ensuring the safety of you or your loved one during any remote support times. We’ll call you to ensure you are safe, and then send the police if necessary.