Safety Support Program

The THS Remote Supports Safety Program is designed to offer safety and peace of mind to individuals and their families in a non-intrusive way without using cameras.

This program is designed to maximize safety and minimize cost so that it is accessible to ALL ODODD Waivers.

Program Basics:

  • 24/7 equipment alerting at a discounted rate

  • 2-Way talk communication device

  • Options for all waivers, including Level 1's

  • Severe Weather Alerts

    • The system will alert you when severe weather is headed your way.

  • Customized Call Tree Includes:

    • Automatic alerting of local emergency personnel.

    • Contacting the Individual to guide them during an emergency.

    • Informing the family/team of what is happening in real-time.


See Below for specifics on program differences and frequently asked questions.  Please do not hesitate to call for more information about this wonderful program.

Safety Support Program - Specifics FINAL
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