2 Way Communication:  The 2 way video communication device can use both audio and video or just audio to connect to the individual.  This device is generally installed in a centralized location such as a Living Room or Kitchen area.  The individual and the Response Specialist can connect at any time to have a face to face conversation in real time.  


Additionally, we can schedule check-in times to call out to the home to see how someone is doing and if they need anything.

This device is also used for emergencies where the individual can simply press a button to be immediately connected to the response center personnel.

Open / Close:  The open / close sensors can be placed on doors, windows, cabinets, drawers and many other areas in the home.  The primary role of these sensors are to send alerts whenever something opens and / or closes.

Motion and Motion Clip:  The motion sensor will detect motion in a room using Passive Infrared technology which detects the changes in amount of infrared radiation.  It is used to sense the movement of people, animals or other objects.  Our motion sensors can also trigger events such as turning on lights if motion is detected, or snapping a picture if motion is detected.  Most commonly, these sensors are used in the following ways:

  • Motion in a room

  • Room occupancy

  • Room in-activity

Bed Sensor:

Stove Safety:

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detection:

Emergency Call Pendant and Fall Detection:

Medication Assistance:

Door Latch and Deadbolt:




Lights and Outlets: