Support Options

  • Dynamic Supports – Active remote Supports for Individuals who require continuous oversight.

  • Drop in Scheduled Supports – These services are provided as-needed at scheduled intervals or certain times during the day.  Some examples are for taking medications or getting ready in the morning and evening.

  • Emergency Response - Immediate response to emergency situations detected by THS sensors in the home.

  • Family Access – The Individual can identify users that they want to allow access to their system for purposes of communication devices.

Remote Support Options

  • Health Management – Individuals can use specialized biomedical equipment to report and record weight, blood pressure and temperature data.

  • Medication Management – Response Specialists can support an Individual with medication reminders and taking their medications on time.

  • CPAP Management – Ensure the use of CPAP devices and provided reminders when the device is not in use, and reporting on overall usage.

  • Stove Safety – Alerts for when a stove is in use and control when a stove can be used.  Additionally, automatically turn off a stove if it is accidentally left on.

  • Bed Occupancy –  Know when the Individuals is in or out of bed as well as track the sleep patterns of the Individual.

  • Emergency Response System - Individuals can request assistance from the push of a button.

  • Bathroom Occupancy – Bathroom occupancy reporting is used to know if someone falls or needs assistance from their bathroom.

  • Check-In Services – Response Specialists can “drop-in” on an individual during certain times of the day to verify that they are safe and don’t need any assistance.

  • Camera System – Cameras can be placed anywhere in the home and can be used in a multitude of scenarios for the purposes of supporting an individual.