How it Works

1.    THS uses a network of connected devices with an integrated layer of intelligence that

       protects and provides insights into the safety and well-being of the Individual(s) being

       served. ​


2.    Sensors are used in the home to alert the response center of any event that occurs in the

       home which requires attention.  Some examples of this are:

  • Door / Window opening 

  • Room motion

  • Out of bed alert

  • Stove on

  • CPAP off


3.    Once alerted, the Response Specialist immediately follows the Individual specific protocols

       for responding to the alert.  Typically, the Response Specialist will reach out to the 

       Individual using the two-way talk video intercom device to speak them face to face and

       ensure they are OK.


4.    The Response Specialist will then make note of the alert, their response and any follow-up