“Improving independent living through dynamic and personalized services.”

Total Homecare Solutions (THS) is the leader in remote support services and technology for persons with developmental and physical disabilities.  THS was one of the first providers in Ohio to successfully implement Remote Supports for Individual's through the use of in-home wireless technology. We utilize a sensor based system which employs algorithmic logic to alert our team in real time when assistance is needed to ensure the safety and privacy of the individual being supported.​


THS began offering Remote Support Services in 2015 with the goal of increasing independence for individuals with developmental and physical disabilities.


The founders of THS Remote Support Services have spent more than 20 years providing in-home services to individuals with disabilities, and knew that they could develop a system that is specifically designed for individuals with developmental and physical disabilities.  


Our systems have been carefully developed and perfected to ensure that each individual we serve receives the best care possible through the least intrusive means possible.

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